Body Contouring & Sculpting

Available Specials for Body Contouring and Sculpting

Available Specials for Body Contouring and Sculpting

Get A 5-Pack of Sessions- $500

Includes 5 sessions of 45 min any area contouring, 30 minutes sculpting

Single sessions- $149

SculptICE 5 Session Pack- $700

Includes 5 sessions of full body SculptICE contouring

Single sessions- $150

Current Pricing

Body Contouring

  • Single Sessions for only $149
  • 45 Minute tummy and love handles sculpting
  • 30-minute ab sculpting session
  • 5 Pack session $500

SculptICE Contouring

  • Single session, targeting area for only $85
  • Full body treatment $150
  • Facial session $75
  • 5-pack full body $700
  • 5-pack targeted area $375


The hottest machine to get your core back!
Lose inches and fat and gain core strength, definition, and tone.

*Results not guaranteed

  • 4 treatments over a 2-week span.
  • $200 as an add-on to a Body Contour Tightening session
  • $250 alone for a one-hour session
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High-intense forced magnetic resonance (HIMFR) technology helps you gain muscle and lose fat easily.

There is no need for hard exercise. Increase your metabolism with Dreamsculpt by gaining more muscle and losing fat. Feels like an intense workout, 30 min session treatment equivalent to 30,000 sit-ups or squats.

  • Builds muscle by 16%
  • Reduces fat by 19%
  • 80% of patients have a visible lifting of buttocks, ab definition
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Non-invasive treatment. No downtime